Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rainy Day

When it looks like this outside ALL DAY…


…you have to find fun things to do inside!  Not that I’m complaining about the rain…we needed it!  So, instead of grocery shopping in the rain, here’s what Camryn and I did this morning:

IMG_3682 IMG_3689

Her mommy helped her get the couch cushions on the floor, and she had a great time climbing, flopping, and jumping on them!  Yay for free fun! :)

IMG_3688 IMG_3680


Shevawn said...

So fun! Camryn is so blessed to have such a fun mommy. :)

Anonymous said...

how cute! love the blue jeans!


Dana said...

How fun! Makes me want to go jump on cushions :)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

We heard that it's been pouring there. Glad you got back safe and sound. It was sure great seeing you this weekend.